Wednesday, February 29, 2012

consolidating everything now on 

Monday, February 13, 2012

sleep does nothing

I seem to exist on a loop. I enjoy your latest Facebook photo it reminds me of humanity. I've had a hard time with the JTHM level and slept for 3 days. I need my medication. I live at west park church. Excellent photographs on saturday with lauren whom you chose.

-Little Nemo

apart of occupy wall street
a caitlin rodriguez production
little nemo on hbo
black caitlin heart
the school of visual arts church of silver tiles day 480/8 james hughes days

i  love queen 

Friday, February 10, 2012

pearl forrestor is in the premium mobile where caitlin rodriguez should be. james hughes is the architect technically this makes him the forever god. jesus christ.

I have to take a period of time off to fix myself. This was suggested by the woman I call queen/I need my medication or I cannot move my body and am down to caitlinrodriguezhusband. Re-read all of the entires, it's something like a comic book nightmare for some n.y.c. creature that lives on the street I fucking wish it was bullshit, sadly it is not. Eminem inspires me. 
there is no reason to make artwork there is no reason to create there is no reason to play a game against people I want nothing to do with any of this I want my life back.

-Little Nemo

Apart of Occupy Wall Street
A caitlin rodriguez Production
Little Nemo on hbo
black caitlin heart
the school of visual arts church of silver tiles day 477/8
james hughes days

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the d in detroit (inspired by wealth still republican)

okay this is a note to myself and maybe it's helpful to you caitlin by either hughes or the woman in prium mobile the throne of god in this project made this real (on a book of fashion from bryant park <- where I once sat and had others pretend you and your father were on HBO resetting the princess -> I defeat democrat and understand the system that he built inside my eye.

I didn't create Nemo Deusmirone and I therefore become Nemo Deusmirone my mind was fried out by some guy I dont' know who this is I named him spikehill in brooklyn but whoever this was he didn't like my art ethic and made me as stupid as fuck.

The system as I understand it was that I was to literally be little nemo.
I'm told at the time that this project will engulf my school and together we will create a harry potter series.
I'm told the entirety of the school is involved and behind me, sarah neufeld from the arcade fire is involved and probably still is. I see her in times square (this is how prium mobile lets me know someone has entered my world throughout the years)

On the other end through the technology and attacking faith in my medication they attempt to erase my memory, fry out my mind, I create two screws in my bathroom to remember they're doing this as I watch the last episode of the sopranos, this is also why it's "little nemo on hbo" + HBO = emotional depth which this project works in, emotions as energy, music as energy and the symbolism in music as energy (none of this works without adderall >- fuel for my mind and I was prescribed with insurance and student loans when they found me, the system is based on someone who lives in hell's kitchen and doesn't have problems getting food or have to fear being hit by a deli store owner and have to block this)

I refuse to drop out of art school and in this project there are elements, a mass amensia, it's somewhat like dunegons and dragons and a level I call little nemo but I don't take this seriously at the start and allow something to poof into me that's pure psychological sickness and never get it out.
I also, in configurations of thoughts, end up with the people who cause pain/psychological sickness.
This is a configuration I call demon and through the years these people have taken care of me and are likely the only way a tv station will exist.

Okay ->

I don't create little nemo and become engulfed in speaking to the project in a psychotic state.
I'm not planning directly and I'm not being honest that I don't want Alex Blevins reading my thoughts
Brock Daves is downstairs, I know this because I call him and hear him downstairs I use my sound equipment for this.

Okay, I end up fucking up the project really badly because I end up letting the people on the other end control me and after my mind snaps when queen is invented in the 1997 book level I have no personality and leave the note to keep making art and they'll let me go.

I refuse to move to connecticut and later when I pretend to be suicidal they tell me to "call christine" this is when it's implied that christopher bently is involved, this is when a "bentley" truck comes by but I just don't want to be in the school's project anymore this is when we're in the era I name Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. Because I don't use the little nemo focus ability to get whoever is tormenting me out of my body I can barely cast they're burning out my mind and don't want me to recall the real affects of my medication, ability to edit multiple functions of thoughts, ability to write screenplays as I walk through the streets, the sort of thing artistic geniuses on adderall experience in new york city who go to film school and want to storm the industry with their thesis.

Okay, because I fuck this up so badly I end up creating "johnny the homicidal maniac"
and this creates a permanent format I refer to as JTHM

that's from my thesis, luke pendly plays the role of JTHM
I figure just make it through my thesis they'll let me go, even hide by going off the medication/I am manipulated into this (you died a new person is born) I pretend to be suicidal anything to get out of the project.
They have to let me go when I run out of $ or SVA there's no reason to document me after SVA
but this isn't how this works, it's always the same little nemo religion
my logs of this are left my priumium mobile who told me this would go on longer than I could imagine
at these times james hughes explains things to me on the dream scape, I have creativity and my medication the dreams are interactive

JTHM gets created in hell's kitchen, my retina changes, the lines from my script are me talking to "larry" james hughes. all of my symbols are infultrated by him, my personal symbols.
I place ketu in the ocean which in the roundabout way I just used [this also means something else but this is for me and you]
when I'm speaking out loud and aruging about either the agerholms, the guptas, seizuring in the street speaking out loud or trying to take hold and control with the seizure I am in a mode called JTHM
in little nemo this is usually when I loose and I recognize this as something that's supposed to be after I am propelled out of somebodies astral realm which is prepared/tested @ SVA with false realms (that at the time I believe to be real when james probes my mind, leads to me conclusions and inverts me to make me republican)
JTHM leads to begging if pushed, seizuring, and it appears the highest level is I  beg the person on the other end to stop, this doesn't actually affect or do anything.
JTHM by democrat was built by a logic trap, if I love gunnar but I hate him and want to use him as a symbol to destroy his child/a symbol of greed I must be cursed b/c a.) mark's birthday is in the church b.) he has my thoughts from when I cried about this and c.) this always resets alongside arun gupta which is why I refused to ever visit home, easton, during this era of my life in which I am in this project.
So the people on the other end could never make JTHM real, so the bounds of reality still exist, so the sickness religion never becomes reality. This happened in bushwick, this happened in fairfield and I use this for caitlin rodriguez to create ceremonies but this is loosing in little nemo and is a psychological state of sickness or as jpg who I name jesus christ rap star (or was named this by prium mobile) "barrakka"
this state is highly addictive and I can only get it out with meditation and my medication
the hands can get taken out which I didn't know and the MTA can be restored (including my 24/7 inspiration to create art, as my medication was always the base of this, but this is something I was also supposed to forget)
JTHM is the level of sickness that I'm never supposed to go for. It involves the hearts, chaos magick, nothing in this world, attempting to pretend the seizure I'm forced to go into can replace my medication/leads to my face distorting and speaking out loud frequently, in psychosis, to "larry" or "james hughes" in the JTHM mode.
have to get into this later. love u hughes wherever u are.

Little Nemo is the direct interaction of if my body is stuck like glue, people helping me, getting them out with meditation, if I get amensia out, how far amensia goes, my ability to get thoughts, being given thoughts amensia took
metropolitian is direct interaction with the city. have to go.